Home Remedies for Diabetes

Home Remedies for Diabetes

Home remedies for diabetes include usage of apple cider vinegar, cinnamon, mango leaves, alfalfa, jamun, flaxseed oil in different forms. Exercising and sound sleep are another good remedies for getting rid of diabetes.

Common cause for diabetes in our body is either lack of insulin or inability to utilize the available insulin in our body. Insulin is nothing but one of the hormones. This problem related to insulin happens mainly because of two things stress and obesity.

A survey by the American Diabetes Association recently revealed that round about 7.8% of the Americans suffer from diabetes. This figure includes both the children and adults. Now as this estimation is solely for United States, it is very much understandable that diabetes is one of the most prevailing diseases affecting people from all over the world.

There are two situations where diabetes can occur. When the human body stops the secretion of the hormone insulin, it is called Type 1 diabetes. Hence this particular type of diabetes is also called the insulin dependant diabetes. Type 2 diabetes is a situation where the body becomes unable to utilize the insulin which is already secreted by the pancreas. There is another type of diabetes that is generally observed in pregnant women. It shows up during the later part of the pregnancy and cures automatically after the delivery.

Heredity, obesity and stress are few of the common reasons of diabetes. Mayoclinic says low metabolism of food is another cause of diabetes.

Home remedies for diabetes

Home remedies can make permanent solution to all your diabetes problems. You can try the following home remedies to have the benefits:

Apple Cider Vinegar: Apple cider vinegar plays an important role in controlling the sugar level in blood. It also controls the blood glucose level which rises noticeably right after you finish a meal. Moreover, it helps you to lose weight that is helpful to keep diabetes under control. Mix a pinch of salt with two spoonful of apple cider vinegar and mix it in a glass of water. Take it regularly before having your meal.

Cinnamon: People suffering from Type 2 diabetes can be benefited from cinnamon. It boosts the insulin production process in pancreas as well as lowers the sugar level. You can take cinnamon in several ways. Mix it with your tea or other drinks or directly take it as a powder at least for 40 days to get best results.

Mango leaves: Take at least 3 or 4 mango leaves and boil it with some water. Drink the mixture every morning to lower the diabetes level.

Alfalfa: Diabetes patients can take at least a tea-spoon of crushed alfalfa seeds with or before the meals. This helps reducing blood sugar level.

Jamun: Take at least 60 grams of ripe jamun fruits and soak it in boiling water for several hours. Now make a mash with it and make three equals parts. Take this at least three times a day.

Flaxseed Oil: Take about 1.5 oz flaxseed oil and mix it with some cottage cheese and milk. Blend it well to make a fine mixture and take it with fruits regularly. This is a good home remedy for diabetes.

Exercise: Regular exercise is a must for people suffering from diabetes. You need to keep at least half an hour for exercise everyday. Joining a gym is another good option as it helps maintain the regularity. Exercise eliminates obesity and lowers blood sugar level significantly.

Sleep: A diabetes patient should sleep sound for minimum 8 hours a day. This will keep them fit and fresh releasing stress and anxiety which are two of the main causes of diabetes.